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We got curious the other day about just how many books we’ve sold since Whistling Woman was released in December 2012 followed by Moonfixer in December 2013 and Beloved Woman in December 2014. So we went back and took a look at all the reports–yes, our eyes are still crossed!–and started adding them all up; e-book, print, and audio versions of all three books.

Imagine our surprise when the total came out to well over 100,000 books! We knew the books had done well since they’ve consistently been on 3 bestseller lists on Amazon and we’ve almost sold out at all the events and festivals we’ve been to but … over 100,000? Nope, never in our wildest dreams did we think the total would be that high!

BWACXmorecontrastyBut thanks to all our wonderful, supportive readers, it was! And we’re quickly moving toward 200,000! That’s awesome and in the midst of all our happy dances, we decided we wanted to share our celebration with the people responsible for our good fortune, our cherished readers (after all, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for y’all!) and to say thank you, we’re offering free copies of the audio version of Beloved Woman, Appalachian Journey Book 3 to the first 18 people who comment on the post about this entry on our Facebook page at!

So if you’d like to hear the story as read by our lovely narrator, Carol Herman (who we think sounds amazingly like Aunt Besse!), leave us a comment! But do it fast, we only have 18 copies!



I’ve been catching up on the comments this morning and hopefully I responded to them. If I missed someone please know it’s not because I’m ignoring you! I really need to spend more time on this site but with all that’s been happening in the last couple of months, I’m having a hard time keeping up.

First, there was the e-book release of Beloved Woman in late December. Then there was the print release in January and then came the audio version which should be out in the next few weeks.

As a result of listening to the audio version, we’re now making a few minor changes to the e-book and print book–mostly little things (punctuation and a couple of misspellings) that we missed on our many read-throughs of the book. They don’t change the story in any way but when you have two nit-picky writers collaborating on one book, these things pop up and we’re bound and determined to get them fixed!

Anyway, we wanted to give our narrator on all three Appalachian Journey books, Carol Herman, a huge thank you. Carol nailed the voice of Bessie from the first and she just keeps getting better and better with each book. We’re so happy we chose her to do Whistling Woman and that she enjoyed it enough to come back and do Moonfixer and Beloved Woman.

So, here’s to you Carol; thanks so much for giving a voice to our great-aunt Bessie. When we listen to you, it’s almost as if Aunt Bessie is with us once more, telling us one of the many stories we’ve heard all our lives!

We also wanted to share the cover for the audio book. Thanks again, Kim for doing an outstanding job!


Oh, and before I forget, our sales have been so awesome in January and February we decided to leave the price of all three books at .99 until further notice! So, if you know of anyone who you think might enjoy them, spread the word. We’ll be eternally grateful to you!


Carol HermanWell, okay, not exactly Aunt Bessie but someone Christy and I feel sounds quite a bit like her. So, drum roll please, introducing Carol Herman, the narrator of the audio book of Whistling Woman–which just became available today! More on that later. First, Carol’s an actress and you may have seen her in Hot in Cleveland, House, Boston Legal, and many others. Christy and I knew as soon as we heard her voice she was the one we wanted to speak for Aunt Bessie and we were lucky enough to get her. If you’d like to find out more about her, just click on her name and it’ll take you to her page on IMDb. Carol did a fantastic job and we’d like to thank her for making this particular dream come true!

Now, for the audio book, it’s available on and soon will be up on and iTunes, too. I’ve already bought a copy and I’m sure I’ll be buying more as gifts! Here’s the cover (we had to adjust it a bit but it’s the same beautiful picture painted by our dad of Miss Cordy and her pet hen):


Oh, and before I forget in all the excitement, here’s the link to Whistling Woman on! You know, just in case you want your own copy! Happy reading listening!


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