Moonfixer, Appalachian Journey Book 2!

We posted about this already on our Facebook page and now we’re announcing it here. Moonfixer, Appalachian Journey Book 2 now has a new and improved cover. We were so pleased with Kim’s fabulous design for our Beloved Woman cover that we asked her to redesign the cover for Moonfixer–which we’ve never liked very much. Kim sent the final version to us yesterday and here it is:


That’s Aunt Bessie’s school bell in the front (the one Fletch gives her in the book) and the painting on the back is another one by our dad, John Tillery. Though Daddy never saw the original house (it was torn down years before he was born), this is how he imagined it when Aunt Bessie and Uncle Fletch told him stories about it. The picture of Aunt Bessie and Uncle Fletch on their wedding day that was on the front of the first cover is still there, just smaller. Since it’s in pretty poor shape, Kim touched it up a bit to make them show up a little better. And you can’t really see it unless you enlarge the picture but the background on the front is the wire in my antique jelly safe door and on the back is, of course, the full moon.

I can’t wait to hold it in my hands and just look at it! Kim pays so much attention to the little details and manages to blend them all in a perfect gorgoues cover. She has a color theme for each book (this one is gold) as well as a design (not sure if that’s the right word!) theme that will tie all the books in the series together, and of course, there’s that wonderful series logo and our official Spring Creek Press (the name we publish under) logo.

So, what do you think? Christy and I absolutely love it and have already given Kim the go-ahead to start on the cover for Whistling Woman, Appalachian Journey Book 1!

Okay, back to updating the Press/Media page and hopefully, after I get that done, I can do a little cleanup work on the rest of the blog–I need to get the new Moonfixer cover up in the sidebar!