After the readers voted, Kim did a final polish on the brown cover and here it is!


Isn’t that beautiful? I love the series logo she came up with–her idea entirely, I never even thought about having a series logo to specify the number of the book in the series! And she added some blue for those of you who voted for the blue cover.

A little bit of info about the cover: the picture of Bessie is part of a postcard she had made with some other people (I had no idea you could do that). There’s a 1 cent stamp on the back. I can’t find any indication of a date any where. It’s addressed to:

J. W. Daniels
No. 515 Emerald Avenue
Knoxville, Tenn.

And our talented cover designer, Kim, included part of Bessie’s message from the back of the postcard on the cover beside her skirt. It’s a little faded and hard to read but using a magnifying glass helps. Here’s the message on the back:

Hello Papa,

How do you like my picture. The others are Jim and Grace, their two kids. Fletch was gone to a burying is because he isn’t in the picture (not sure about this part but it’s the best I can do, even with a magnifying glass!). Hope you are all well.

Yours lovingly,*


A message from Aunt Bessie–isn’t that fascinating? Kim also took the other people out of the picture and filled in the door beside Bessie. And she cleaned it up quite a bit, too. Here’s a picture of what she had to work with:

05-27-2013 05;53;11PM

And there you have it, an interesting relic of Aunt Bessie’s past turned into a beautiful cover for the 3rd book about her life! It doesn’t get much better than that. I can’t wait to see what happens when Kim turns her talents to Wi–oops! Almost gave away the title to the fourth book and we’re not ready to do that yet!

If you’re an author who needs a beautiful cover–or know an author who needs a beautiful cover–please visit Book Covers Designed by Kim.

Edited: “Yours” added to the closing after Kim sent us this picture of the back of the postcard:


It’s a little tough to read here but if you click on it you’ll get a larger version (I think!). Didn’t we tell you we had a wonderful cover designer?