Thanks to everyone who voted here and on our Facebook pages! You were a great help. We can’t say it enough: We have the best readers EVER!

Kim is working to put the finishing touches to the official Beloved Woman cover. Christy and I are waiting with bated breath–well, okay, not really. We know Kim will get it to us as soon as it’s finished so no worries there. What we are doing is merging all the chapters to one file and then we’ll be editing. Yes, that’s right, Beloved Woman is finished–at least as far as the researching and writing are concerned. Whew! And yes, we did do a few happy dances but right now we’re working on getting all the chapters in the right order which should be finished later today or early tomorrow. And then it’s on to the editing stage. Fingers crossed we’ll make our self-imposed deadline of December 20th!

Thanks again for voting!