Okay, first, I had to buy a new computer since my last one decided it wanted to retire last week and even though it’s the same model, I’m having trouble getting used to all the changes. Plus, we are experiencing a heck of a summer here in the mountains of western NC with thunderstorms almost every day and once they get started in the afternoon they don’t want to quit. Hopefully, I’ll get this post written and posted before I get tossed off the Internet again.

We have some news to share regarding Whistling Woman and the next book in the Appalachian Journey series:

The German edition of Whistling Woman will be released probably in November and it has been given a new title, Madchen, die pfeiffen and a new cover. Here’s the publisher’s explanation:

…Whistling Woman, which we name “Mädchen, die pfeiffen” in German, i.e., “Girls who whistle” as an allusion to this idea of the whistling woman being a state of mind and appeal to independent-minded women everywhere. It is also the beginning to an old German nursery rhyme that evokes a story long ago. Bessie is shown on our version as a younger woman with her hair loose, and not as her older self to resonate with this theme.

As for the cover, it’s beautiful but for some reason WordPress won’t let me display it. Grrr! I’ll keep trying!

Now, for the second bit of news; Christy and I have finally decided the third book in the series will be titled Beloved Woman. The Cherokee word is Ghigau and here’s a little background on why we chose Beloved Woman as our title:

Ghigau is a Cherokee prestigious title meaning “beloved woman” or “war woman”.

The title was a recognition of great honor for women who made a significant impact within their community or exhibited great heroism on the battlefield. When a woman was bestowed as a Ghigau she was given great honor and responsibility. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghigau)

There’s more to it than that but I see thunder clouds gathering outside my window and I don’t know how long I have before I get kicked off the Internet so I’ll leave you with the (tentative) cover and a promise to share more later.